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“A magical thing happens when I open up about my experiences with anxiety to someone: the other person opens up too. Suddenly that person is telling me private things about themselves, their spouse, friend, or child who has struggled with mental health issues. It’s as if that pain was sitting just below the surface of their skin waiting to break through. All they needed was to witness another person opening for them to burst. And with that bursting comes relief. Openness leads to connection.

 ‘Your book made me feel less alone’ is by far the most common phrase I’ve heard in the letters and comments I’ve received about my book. The repetition of this phrase is not surprising since one in four adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year—that translates into nearly 58 million people (NIMH). Of those disorders, anxiety disorders are the most common—affecting 40 million adults (ADAA).

So I created You Make Me Feel Less Alone, a community where you can see and be seen. It features submissions of original art and writing about the things people are struggling with. Submit your work today.”