by Angélica Luan Sánchez Torres

I woke up one day and
did my normal routine
Took a shower
Got dressed
Made a failed attempt of combing my
and left

The day passed
It was a pretty normal one
I worked
Took a couple of classes
Skipped the same meals as every other day
Pretty normal stuff

On my way to the store
it hit me
the pit in my stomach
the headache
the pressure in my chest
the nausea
the constant overthinking playing games with the rest of my body
that was already tired from getting through
the day

I tried to hold it together
but it kept getting worse
The overthinking had consumed my whole body
I couldn't move

And there I was
Standing on the sidewalk
Unable to move
Barely breathing
Barely existing

And then I saw it
My life passing right in front of me
My whole past
All the people that had left
Everyone who's made a pass at me
Everyone who's made me cry until there were no tears left
Everyone who's made me question my entire existence
making me actually believe I have no purpose 
in this earthly plain or any other plain

I closed my eyes
When I opened them up
It was all over

PoemSamantha Schutz