by Indiana Jamie

suicide is a hundred dollar face cream
i want it 
i want it so bad
the high end cream will change my body
it will change the way people see me
it will change the way i see myself
it will fix the imperfections i pick and prod
each line and crevice and blemish
but it is too expensive
a luxury i can not afford
a risk i’m willing to take
i see it on the shelf in my mind each day
tantalising and enticing
i’ve been saving all my spare change
every single cent, i’ve saved almost enough!
waiting until the day i make the purchase
it will drip onto my skin
drip so far into my pores
until it seeps into my brain
and it will fix everyone around me
and it will make me worth it
the hundred dollar face cream
it will solve all my problems!

Note from the author: this is easiest way for me to describe suicidal thoughts, it’s like buying an expensive face cream, i want it so bad because i think it will fix everything i see wrong with myself, and with others around me.

PoemSamantha Schutz