by Karissa Urban

Just one more sip

But somehow the bottle's already gone

It never stays full for long

She lays in her room

She knows nothing's okay

She knows she's right

But it's all wrong


Through a nights sleep

The day disappears

It just disappears

It's already gone


Just another drink

And another bottle

Things fall apart

The roots so deep

What you've come to be

Just another drink


So unforgiving

It won't leave her glass

This isn't her

It's all just a blur

But I see so clear

The ending so near

Of my loss of faith


Another drop

And my heart stops

It can no longer feel


I've become so numb

I'm just too young

To know who you've become

Would you want that for me

To do as I see

To give up everything

For just another drink


PoemSamantha Schutz