by Sally Price

So, you are sadder perhaps
That’s something we
We would’ve argued about
Who is more tired
Me… You…. I’m not allowed

Lost redwood trees and bridges
Span my soul with you
Beside me and the laughter
Friends and lovers
You… Me… I am not free

I hear the songs and children
Those who share your blood
And so many heart children
Some never born
Me… You… I’m left alone

By the salted windy beach
We walked the foggy halls
Bare wood, sand, Monterey pine
Small starter home
You… Me… I am still there

On lost missions you took me
To Ninevah’s rain
I didn’t know it was life
That friends grew there
Me… You… I’m thankful now

Some choice you made, flip the world
Revealing your truth
Your lies, sneers, selfishness
Cold cell walls now
You… Me… Only I am free

By the firs and soft mountains
Three children, we
We remain family, future
Pale blue vision
Me… You… Only I survive

PoemSamantha Schutz